Suicidal Mind Vol. 10

Suicidal Mind Vol. 10

I’m alone here today, April 13, 2018, Friday morning and I still feel my failures, my emptiness and loneliness. I wanna ask myself a question, ‘When will I decide?’. A question that my answer will always be, ‘I don’t know’. What a crazy mind I have.

Today I have some things to do, a post to publish and photos to upload. It’s gonna be exhausting day but I wanted it too because my ice candy business is slowly getting popular to many residents and it makes me feel good. So, I have the energy to make more. But I can’t spend my whole day for that. My free time ‘Alone’ is limited.

Reading useless comments and links for businesses makes me mad a little bit but it’s okay I can trash them all. Many people can’t appreciate my works, but it doesn’t matter. In this world, we cannot give when can’t take. I already gave my part but didn’t received my part. Life is so unfair.

I don’t know now why I’m letting myself to stay alive. But I do know this, right this moment, I’m just lost.

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