30 Days Letter Challenge! Day 22: A Letter To All Of My Enemies

30 Days Letter Challenge! Day 22: A Letter To All Of My Enemies

Dear enemies,
First and foremost I want to give my forgiveness to all of you. God knows I can’t love you nor accept you. That’s completely impossible for me and to someone people. And yes, you are so many. I’m not a perfect human being to have only few enemy. But I do believe that you don’t to hug or talk to your enemy to say that you love them. There are many ways to express love although we hate our enemies because of the pain they given to us. We can pray for their safety and for their lives. That’s what I believe.

Thank you for hurting and breaking my heart. Thank you for destroying my peaceful world. God used you for me to understand the meaning of life and death, about the world and the people. I have learned that living is really not easy. Seeing somebody’s life different from yours make you feel like life is unfair. That maybe the reason why you destroyed me because you envy of me. I’m sorry about your lives. How I wished people can see my life the way I see it.

I still pray that one day you overcome yourselves. Because I believe that the root of all that happens in our lives started within us and the people that come and go or stay in our lives are the participants and of that root. I want you to have the desire of your heart, you long lost dream, I pray that one day you’ll be able to show your beautiful colors and share your love and care to everyone.

Advance Merry Christmas!

Your Enemy, Jane.