30 Days Letter Challenge! Day 21: A Letter to My Elementary Teacher

30 Days Letter Challenge! Day 21: A Letter to My Elementary Teacher


Dear Mr. Santiago,
It’s quiet amusing that I still remember your name, your face, your body figure and how awful you made me feel when I was in grade six. Thank you for all the memories I had with you.

Because of you I didn’t ascended on the stage on graduation day just because of our late payment for graduation fee. You said that  I will not graduate and that I will practice only. What you said marked in my memory. One of our neighbor who was working at school said that it’s okay if I’m not yet paid. It’s too late for me to know that it’s possible because that day is my graduation day. I wished you know that I wasn’t happy when I got my diploma. Although I don’t have the courage to stand in front of many people you took my chance to experience a memorable day of my life. You were so unfair.. I haven’t done anything to you. I never wondered why you did that to me because you were so cruel. All of my classmate know that. You are our second guardian but you never did your part as a guardian. Until now I can’t forget what you’ve done and I am sure I will never forget that.

It’s true then, that words are very powerful. You used the words to hurt me. You’re one of the participants of my failure and pain in my childhood journey. And yes, this anger kept inside me. Your words marked in mind and the pain marked in heart. I was 12 years old. Actually my depression started when I went to high school but going back to the past I realized it didn’t start when I was in highschool, it started to you. You are the first person you left a scar in my heart that I don’t deserved.

You were my teacher, you’re supposed to be my guardian, but you did not.

No matter how awful you made me feel, I am grateful because of what you’ve done to me it always remind me that this world has never been good to me so I have to work hard more to become better. Thank you for the pain and judgement you contributed.

Here are my prayer for you: I pray you to have a big and happy family; long life and good health. I pray that one day you’ll realize all the things you’ve done, wrong. I searched over the internet, on Facebook, in google but I can’t find you. Even if from the pages and group of the school I can’t still find you. There is a chance that you’re gone. Well, I hope not. But.. if you are gone, I hope that God will count your goodness and good deeds. I may not forget what you’ve done but I forgive you now.

Thank you and God bless you.