30 Days Letter Challenge! Day 20: A Letter to My Childhood Friend

30 Days Letter Challenge! Day 20: A Letter to My Childhood Friend

Lanie Delgado is My classmate/neighbor/play mate. Since she lost her leg we became close because I lived near her. I used to play with her on their window.

Dear Lanie,
Thank you, you’re one of the good person I met. You were so humble. I remember you were the smartest among our classmates and to be honest.. I envy you.

I can’t remember when I got mad at you or is there really a time that I got mad at you because you were so good. There’s nothing I could complain about you. Our friendship was quiet good enough to say I’ve been blessed and once in my life I’ve surrounded by good people and one of them is you, Lanie.

I never had a long journey or longest conversation with you but the memory I had with you is a piece that I will never let go.

Forgive me if I failed to be your friend. Forgive me if I wasn’t there in your funeral. I was scared and afraid and discouraged. I’m really sorry.

One day we’ll see each other in front of God, on judgement day. I pra2y that you’ll be with God in eternity because you deserve to be there, you deserve to be with him. Thank you for everything, thank you for coming into my life, thank you for being part my history and thank you for being you.

Your Childhood Friend, Jane.